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Abortion is a very sensitive topic that relates to healthcare, core values, and the rights of individuals. Abortion pill cost in Florida especially that of medication abortion, depends on different factors. Nonetheless, it is the most simple and effective method of pregnancy termination. Buy Abortion pill pack online and access safe abortion via mail at home.

Once you understand the legality, safety, accessibility, and availability of medication abortion in Florida, it will be easy for you to make the right choice about your reproductive healthcare. Reading this blog will increase your knowledge on how to buy MTP kit online, and other things essential for abortion with pills.

What Are Abortion Pills, And How Effective Are They?

Abortion pills are medications used to terminate a pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. The most commonly used abortion pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It induces miscarriage in women, ending the pregnancy.

Mifepristone blocks the female hormone progesterone and stops the development of pregnancy. Meanwhile, Misoprostol causes uterine contractions and expels the fetus and other pregnancy material outside the uterus through the vagina.

If you take only Misoprostol for abortion, it is only effective for 95%, but when you take Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol, the effectiveness of the pills gets to 98–99%.

Florida's 6-Week Abortion Ban

Florida has implemented the 6-week abortion ban since May 1. This restricts abortion access to the east and south of the US completely. Though you can get an abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy, Women hardly know they are pregnant at 6 weeks of pregnancy. This could cause a huge problem for women in Florida, restricting them from much-needed healthcare during abortion.

Florida has banned legal abortion beyond 6 weeks of pregnancy, except for rare situations like rape or incest. The anti-abortion campaigners are happy about the Supreme Court’s decision, but the pro-choice campaigners are worried about women’s reproductive rights and choices.

Abortion Pill Cost In Florida

Despite the 6-week abortion ban, it is legal to order abortion pills by mail or visit a clinic in Florida or a nearby state to get access to abortion, but only up to the 6th week of pregnancy.

If you are within the 6-week pregnancy you can buy Abortion pill pack online easily and end your pregnancy at home within your comfort zone.

Abortion pill cost in Florida depends on many things, like how far along you are in the pregnancy. The cost may also depend on whether you are opting for medication abortion (abortion with pills) or surgical abortion (abortion with surgery). But abortion pill costs in Florida may range from $500 to $800.

How Do I Buy MTP Kit Online In Florida?

It’s easy to buy MTP kit online in Florida, but it’s only legal up to 6 weeks of pregnancy. You can either look online for how to buy MTP kit and find a trusted and reliable source to buy it online and get it via mail, or you can visit a doctor and get access to abortion pills from a healthcare provider.