How Suns Big Bismack Biyombo is Remembered by Former Coach

Valley of the Suns 1/16 12:00P Tyler Boronski
With a rare early afternoon game scheduled between the Phoenix Suns and Detroit Pistons today, each team s head coach spoke with the media at the same time they would normally be drinking their morning coffees. However, with everyone playing...

3 Trade Deadline Mistakes the Phoenix Suns Must Avoid

Valley of the Suns 1/15 3:53A Collin Helwig
No matter the sport, everyone wants their favorite team s GM to turn into Billy Beane from that trade deadline scene in Moneyball at least once or twice each season, fearlessly cutting deals and fleecing opponents left and right. For the Phoenix...

How Suns Big Jalen Smith can be a X-Factor even in the Playoffs

Valley of the Suns 1/14 11:00A Matt Escobar
After one heck of a poster, several resounding blocks, and some all around great play, Jalen Smith found himself back in a low minutes role this week for the Phoenix Suns. After all, he did recently fill in big time for Deandre Ayton and JaVale...

Suns Big Man Deandre Ayton Reportedly Targeted by Dark Horse Team

Valley of the Suns 1/14 1:30A Collin Helwig
Few teams have made louder entries to the 2021-22 NBA season than the Phoenix Suns. While boasting a league-best 31-9 record, the team stands well equipped with young talent and veteran poise, attracting everyone s attention from coast to coast....

3 Targets for the Phoenix Suns to Pursue at the Trade Deadline

Valley of the Suns 1/13 4:25A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns are putting together another masterpiece this year. With a few strokes of the paintbrush, they strung together 18 straight victories a few weeks ago. Coloring in all white spots and polishing off the corners, they ve also...

What Could the Suns Get in Rumoured Jalen Smith Trade with Celtics?

Valley of the Suns 1/12 5:37A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns are at the blackjack table, holding all the right cards as we move into the latter half of the 2021-22 NBA season. With veteran leadership, young talent, a team-first culture, and a head coach who has his players eager to run...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs Toronto Raptors Odds, Prediction, Lineups

Valley of the Suns 1/11 9:52A Collin Helwig
Time to run through the Six. Facing off against the Toronto Raptors tonight, the Phoenix Suns return to the hardwood for the first time since hosting the Miami Heat on Saturday night. Missing Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, the Heat still bullied...

How Suns Big Jalen Smith can Participate in NBA All-Star Weekend

Valley of the Suns 1/11 1:30A Collin Helwig
When COVID-19 dug its wretched claws into the Phoenix Suns a few weeks ago, the team looked exposed, vulnerable, and all but certain to relinquish its hold on the West. Veteran swingman Jae Crowder and backup point guard Elfrid Payton first left...

What Klay Thompson’s Return Means for the Phoenix Suns and the West

Valley of the Suns 1/10 4:51A Collin Helwig
Swimming laps around almost every other Western Conference team, the Phoenix Suns are certainly enjoying this first half of the 2021-22 NBA season. But last night, the Golden State Warriors dropped a great white shark into the pool, one with a...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs Miami Heat Odds, Lineups, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/8 9:49A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns hit the hardwood tonight facing off against the Miami Heat for the first time this season. Even with Miami missing a few stars, they still eerily resemble Phoenix at their core as an Eastern Conference counterpart and deserve...

Suns Guard Chris Paul Fired Back at Boston Fans in Teammate’s Defense

Valley of the Suns 1/7 7:19A Collin Helwig
Time to add another chapter to the Chris Paul book of leadership. Even at this point, with CP3 well established as a marquee NBA player both for his basketball talents and integrity outside the game, he continues to illustrate true humility and...

Suns Forward Cameron Johnson on Pace to Challenge 3-Point Record

Valley of the Suns 1/7 1:30A Collin Helwig
In what might end up as his last start of the season, Cameron Johnson sure gave Phoenix Suns fans one hell of a show. Going up against a gritty Los Angeles Clippers team, the Valley Boys jumped out with a sizeable lead last night, leading their...

Phoenix Suns Game Tonight vs Los Angeles Clippers Odds, Prediction

Valley of the Suns 1/6 8:19A Collin Helwig
Anytime the Phoenix Suns step into the ring with their other rivals from Los Angeles, a certain energy takes over, as some added excitement always seems to spill off the hardwood and into the stands. Even with big names Deandre Ayton, Jae...

Suns Chris Paul and Devin Booker Seen as All-Star “Locks” By Media

Valley of the Suns 1/6 4:45A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns backcourt resembles a true double-edged sword, not one that pokes both inward and outward though, but instead left to right, wounding anyone nearby who tries to make a move on it. Representing one blade, you find Chris Paul a...

How the Suns can use Biyombo and Smith once Ayton and McGee Return

Valley of the Suns 1/5 11:43A Collin Helwig
Last week, the Phoenix Suns reluctantly handed replacement bigs Jalen Smith and Bismack Biyombo the keys to their expensive, luxurious, and possibly Matthew McConaughey advertised sports car of a team. At the time, the Suns owned the NBA s second...
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