Cardinals host Vikings, seek second consecutive 2-0 start

Northeast Valley News (Sports) 9/18 11:43A Alex Keeler, Reporter
The Arizona Cardinals come into Week 2 of the new NFL season trying to sustain the momentum following an impressive win over the Tennessee Titans.  The Cardinals are returning home to face the Minnesota Vikings after dominating the Tennessee...

Phoenix Suns Disrespected by ESPN Predictions for 2021-22 NBA Season

Valley of the Suns 9/18 6:20A Collin Helwig
Looking to forecast the 2021-22 NBA season, ESPN recently put out a report predicting win totals for each team, of course including the Phoenix Suns. But anyone from The Valley might want to avoid looking at them unless they want their afternoons...

Phoenix Suns: The 3 Most Underrated Players on the Team

Valley of the Suns 9/16 10:39A Collin Helwig
Despite putting up the Western Conference s second best record, the public still overlooked the Phoenix Suns last year, with oddsmakers even favoring the seventh-seeded Los Angeles Lakers over them during the postseason s first round. Ridiculous...

Phoenix Suns: This Lockdown Lineup Would Give Teams Nightmares

Valley of the Suns 9/16 7:02A Collin Helwig
Very few teams bruised, bothered, and belittled their opponents on defense better than the Phoenix Suns last year. Working together to form an intimidating and aggressive force at the floor s other end, Phoenix often put a lid over their own...

Phoenix Suns: 3 Free Agents Crucial To Sign Next Offseason

Valley of the Suns 9/15 9:00A Collin Helwig
During this year s offseason, the Phoenix Suns reeled in several big fish, most notably their returning point guards Chris Paul and Cameron Payne, as well as high-flying big man JaVale McGee. But even after closing the books on that free agent...

Phoenix Suns: Donovan Mitchell Throws Shade at NBA Finals Run

Valley of the Suns 9/14 9:38A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz duked it out against each other for the Western Conference s top spot almost from start to finish last year. The Suns eventually proved themselves the more prestigious team, conquering the West and eventually...

First Edition of the Coyote Chronicles

Chandler Early College High 9/13 10:37A
Check out the first copy of the Coyote Chronicles. The students are very proud of their work and it is anticipated another edition will be coming out before Fall Break! First Edition

Phoenix Suns: Where Ex-Suns Signed as Free Agents This Offseason

Valley of the Suns 9/13 7:56A Collin Helwig
Even if you spend just a few games playing for the Phoenix Suns, their ferocious and passionate fanbase will never forget about you. The once a (team name) always a (team name) cliche absolutely applies to them as a franchise, doing so all the...

Phoenix Suns: Regrading the 5 Largest Signings of the Last 5 Years

Valley of the Suns 9/11 11:32A Collin Helwig
The Phoenix Suns spent their last few years working very aggressively with pen and paper. Eager to improve their roster at all costs, the Phoenix front office dished out big money contracts whenever they saw fit, making some tremendous deals, as...

Phoenix Suns: Regrading the Questionable Josh Jackson Trade

Valley of the Suns 9/10 7:31A Collin Helwig
Selected by the Phoenix Suns with the fourth overall pick during the 2017 NBA Draft, Josh Jackson once looked destined for an illustrious basketball career certain to make an immediate impact on the league. Unfortunately, that was not the case....

Phoenix Suns: Ranking the Top 10 Uniforms of the Last 25 Years

Valley of the Suns 9/9 8:23A Collin Helwig
Often decorated with purple, orange, and white, the Phoenix Suns always put together both flashy and fun NBA uniforms to dazzle fans with. Their threads not only attract Arizona natives, but also countless others across the globe whether...

Phoenix Suns: 3 Rotation Mistakes Monty Williams Must Avoid

Valley of the Suns 9/8 6:11A Collin Helwig
Almost nobody did a better job last year than Monty Williams as head coach for the Phoenix Suns. He finished just behind Tom Thibodeau for the NBA s Coach of the Year Award, captaining his team back to the NBA Finals for the first time since...

Phoenix Suns: Predicting Devin Booker’s Stats for 2021-22 Season

Valley of the Suns 9/7 8:12A Collin Helwig
As the leading scorer for the Phoenix Suns as well as the heart and sole behind their run to the NBA Finals, Devin Booker carried his franchise both on and off the court last year. Having made such heavy contributions to such a successful team...

Phoenix Suns: This Lineup Would Blow Away Teams Offensively

Valley of the Suns 9/5 6:25A Collin Helwig
With a deep roster decorated with playable options at nearly every position, the Phoenix Suns enter the 2021-22 season with several possible lineup options for Monty Williams to toy around with should he please. But across them all, one stands...
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