Spring-Summer Florals

The Chic Daily 5/3 8:02A The Chic Daily
By Shiva Zokaei Contemporary-classic florals are essential for connecting your fashion statements with authentic nature this summer. Spanning from femininity, More

Q&A with Faith Hibbs-Clark

The Chic Daily 4/25 8:37A The Chic Daily
Written by Shi Bradley  This year, the Phoenix film festival made its return at Harkins 101 in Scottsdale. The Festival More

My First Rave

The Chic Daily 4/20 8:43A The Chic Daily
By Shi Bradley The 1980s and 1990s marked the beginning of rave culture as we know it. People gathered in More

The Funky Latina Music Festival

The Chic Daily 4/12 10:43A The Chic Daily
By Alexis Watkins Saturday, March 25, Elyssa Bustamante also known as The Funky Latina, held The Funky Latina Music Festival More

A Conversation with Kim Alexis

The Chic Daily 4/4 9:38A The Chic Daily
By Larisa May and Khayla Shipman She graced the cover of major publications like Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and More

Self-Experiment: Dropping all Socials.

The Chic Daily 3/29 4:09P The Chic Daily
By Ashley Sinclair I used to think the saying, “Breakups are hard” was silly. But I’ve come to learn that More

The Cartoonification of Modern Fashion

The Chic Daily 3/23 11:00A The Chic Daily
By Olivia Madrid Welcome to the new world of hyperreal fashion, a way to bring satire or the, “Unreal world” More

Get Ready to Rave with Us

The Chic Daily 3/23 9:45A The Chic Daily
By Anna Montoya and Shi Bradley The PHXLIGHTS Fest is back for its 2023 “Among The Stars music festival. Preparing More
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